Melissa Marthe with doTerra

Meet Melissa, a doTerra representative.

I am a wife and homeschooling mom of 2 adventurous kids and 1 wild puppy. We live in the semi-country, have a chunk of land and backyard chickens, and try to grow and make as much as possible, but there are days when Culver’s and Netflix win. ;)I am also a wellness advocate with doTERRA essential oils. I love working with people to address their health concerns by providing natural solutions to help them meet their goals. I started with doTERRA 3 years ago because I was looking for ways to help treat and protect my family naturally, with things that didn’t have side effects, but side benefits, and would support their bodies systems naturally. I love that doTERRA is not just an essential oil company, but a science and wellness company as well. They are constantly doing research and creating new products and sourcing new oils. doTERRA only sources sustainable oils and strives to provide jobs and necessary resources to the farmers, harvesters and distillers they work with all over the world. I feel so empowered knowing how to use my oils and products and what they are doing for my body.

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