Vendor Profile: Amanda Pollack with Cocoon Crafts

Meet Amanda, owner of Cocoon Crafts

My name is Amanda and I live in Hartland with my husband, daughter and yellow lab. Cocoon Crafts was started after our 4 year old son, Parker unexpectedly passed away in the summer of 2018. We wanted to honor his life and memory in a way that would give back to the community. This along with my passion for crochet is what led me to create Cocoon Crafts. I have been crocheting since I was 15 years old, it is something that I find relaxing and peaceful and Parker always loved to try on the items I created. So why Cocoon Crafts? Well shortly after Parker passed we started to notice quite a few butterflies that always happened to be around. The one that caught my eye the most was a blue butterfly that landed right next my daughter and allowed her to get up close to see it. The butterfly would fly around and land again, almost like it was playing with her. This was my sign from my son that he is always near and the blue butterfly had quickly become the symbol for my son amongst our friends and family.  We also decided on Cocoon because cocoons are crafted of silk and woven carefully like yarn. As well, they are a symbol of great life transitions. 

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