Vendor Profile: Barb Henby with Norwex

Meet Barb, a Norwex representative.

Barb Henby with Norwex

Hi, my name is Barb Henby and I’ve been a Norwex user for almost 7 years and a consultant for 6 years. I immediately fell in love with Norwex after seeing what the EnviroCloth and Window Cloth could do! I had no idea what Norwex was – I just knew they just had magical rags that could clean EVERYTHING with just water and I wanted them!!

If you are not familiar with Norwex it is a debt-free direct sales company originating in Norway, and just celebrated their 25th anniversary. Their Mission is “Improving the quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in our homes”. We do this by creating Safe Havens in every home we touch as we help families live more sustainably and safer from the effects of harmful chemicals. From cleaning with our revolutionary, self-purifying microfiber cloths that mechanically remove 99% of bacteria from any surface with just water; to using our incredible sustainable products; to ridding medicine cabinets of toxic personal care products with much safer choices, Norwex understands your challenges and has solutions for YOU!
In the 6 years that I’ve been a Norwex consultant I have built a Team of incredible women who now own and operate their own businesses, am a Executive Sales Leader, have earned 4 trips for just doing what i love, but the best part is that I have taught thousands of women how to eliminate their chemical cleaners and chemical based personal care products from their homes and lives by incorporating Norwex into their lives. Through all the in-home Healthy Home demonstrations and the 1-on-1 trainings i have done I have the greatest hope that our future generations will also only know and use Norwex in their homes because – that’s what their parents used!

I look forward to meeting you at our Fall Festival in Janesville on November 2nd. Whether you are Norwex newbie or a Norwex veteran I am excited to help you with your cleaning dilemmas and give you the Norwex solutions!

Barb Henby with Norwex
Barb Henby with Norwex

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