Vendor Profile: Emily Carrigg with Thirty One Gifts

Meet Emily, a Thirty One Gifts Representative.

My name is Emily. I started selling Thirty One back in July of 2018. I got into the bag business to meet new people. During my journey doing various events I have met some wonderful friends and am hoping that they turn into life long friendships. I am a proud aunt to three-two nephews and a niece, cat mom to two, cub scout leader, and volunteer tutor in my spare time. I love Thirty One because the products last for years. I also love the fact that each of there products are designed with the fact that they have unlimited uses. Take the Double Duty Caddy for instance. I use it for storing my toiletries when I go on vacation. I have heard that people use them to store their cleaning supplies, art supplies, and even their gardening supplies. I hope you all have an awesome shopping experience. 

Emily Carrigg – Independent Thirty One Bags Consultant

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