Vendor Profile: Raschida Mertens with The Legging Army

Meeet Raschida, a Legging Army Representative

I stated selling Legging army in Feb/March of 2017. One of my former co-worker, from PA, tried to talk me in to selling Legging army for many month before I actually became a affiliate.

I always wore legging, but mine, I got at H&M, and in always black or charcoal colored. I always said, there is no way I would ever wear printed leggings.

My co-worker called, emailed and texted me for days, and finally I told her I would make a deal with her. I would buy a pair, and try them on. If I love them, I would really think about signing up.

Well, I ended up buys 3, because I couldn’t make up my mind on which print  (yes, not solid color) to order.

I received them about a week later and absolutely loved the face that they were super soft and I didn’t have to pull them up every couple minutes, which I have become custom to.

A couple weeks later, I signed up to become an affiliate.

Last year, I became licensed at started my own little at home store, for all my local customers and events, but still represent LA for all my out of state and out of country customers.

I went in to this with the goal of paying of my bills and treating myself and my kids to some good times, here and there.

On January 18th, 2018 I was diagnosed with cancer. It wasn’t to much of a surprise, as I was the only, at that time, that did not have cancer, and was still living. The rest of my family, except my dad, had all passed from cancer. I was the only female left in my family and was hoping that it had stopped after my sister passed away. But now I hope, that it stops with me, and my kids will be safe.

I been in remission for 18 month now and enjoying every day, looking at everything with different eyes and seeing the beauty in things I never before paid attention to. I enjoy my events a little more than before, love my kids harder than before, and cherish new and true friendships a lot more.

The only true negative thing in my life now, I no longer work my events just for fun, I had to add my medical bills to the reason. But when I do events, I forget about the bills and everything else and just soak in the fun 

I absolutely love doing events and home partied. I love meeting all the other vendors and customer. I have already formed many , very special friendships.

But the most important part of my life, are my children. I have a very beautiful and successful daughter. She is doing what every parent wants for their child, to be and do better then me. Back when she was born, I was told I would probably never be able to have another child, but 19 years later, I was blessed with a little boy. It seams crazy to have 2 kids that far apart, and at 1st it worried me a little. But to see the love that my kids share, is the most amazing thing. And having a little one so many years later, it showed me how much I truly missed the little hugs and kisses, to be told “mom, I will never leave you” yah right, lol

Now, he is almost 11 and my daughter is about to turn 30, but when they are together, I think they are both 10, lol

They hide and scare the living daylight out of each other. They pick on each other and play tricks on each other. Sometimes they are just sitting together, watching a movie. I just love that I am able to see all that, and thank god every day for it.

Raschida Mertens with The Legging Army
Raschida Mertens with The Legging Army
Raschida Mertens with The Legging Army
Raschida Mertens with The Legging Army
Raschida Mertens with The Legging Army
Raschida Mertens with The Legging Army
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