About Me


Welcome to my happy place!

I’m obsessed with coffee, books, 80’s music – particularly hair metal (rock on!), social media and entrepreneurship. I believe in the Law of Attraction and working on being a positive person. You are likely to see some sunshine, rainbows and unicorns around around these parts. If you don’t see a unicorn, you’ll definitely see my Siberian Husky, Morgan, popping up around here. She says she’s prettier than any unicorn. She’s kind of a diva.

I’m pretty sure if I turn up missing, you’ll only have to go to the nearest coffee shop and you’d find me there reading a book. If I’m not there, hubby and I are driving around all the back roads of Wisconsin checking out all of the the small towns and historical markers that we can find.

I’ve been around the block when it comes to direct sales. I’ve been serious about two companies and dabbled in many. It is my passion for the products and helping others that has lead me to establish my own business. I am the owner of Events By Stacy .  I love creating events! I get to help other businesses get their product in front of people and create those relationships that are vital to the industry. This started as a hobby and was established officially as a business. If you want to know how I got started in creating events, just mosey on over to my blog and read that post.

Morgan said I couldn’t end this without including a picture, so here you go.

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