5 Times it’s okay to use your cell phone during a vendor event

This is a bit of a controversial topic. Every organizer has likely told you to put your cell phone away during an event so as not to deter the shoppers from your booth. It’s just good event etiquette to keep the phone usage to a minimum, but there are times that your cell phone can benefit your business. These are the top 5 times you should use your phone during a vendor event.  No, I don’t mean it’s time to start checking email, answer your team members questions, or decide now is a great time update your Facebook profile. All of that can wait until after the event, but here are the 5 times you should use your cell phone during a vendor event.


  • Check Into the event on Facebook.
  • Post a photo of your display and share your special on the Facebook Event. People will be interested to see who is attending the show.
  • Make a separate post to your customers and personal page so that they can find you at the event.
  • Feel free to Tweet, Instagram and utilize all your platforms to help advertise the event.
  • All of this should take less than five minutes.


  • Process Payments
  • Check Inventory
  • Set booking dates for shows
  • Enter orders
  • Sign up a new team member.

Facebook Live Demonstration 

This one is best if you have more than one rep at your booth to handle inquiries from the shoppers at the event. You can show how to do a eye lip combo that will slay, or pair a top with the right accessories or how to properly apply a Jamberry nail. This is something that can generate excitement and interest in person and online. This is an added bonus for team training, as it shows your team how easy it is to work a vendor event.

Collect Testimonials

Now is the time to get photos of people using your product to share with your customers and team (with the person’s permission, of course). Take a quick second to get a video testimonial or snap a picture with you and the customer, to put a unique spin on your brand. Make sure you put in the proper watermark before posting so that people know it’s yours.


It pays to get to know the other reps at the event for networking purposes, but who wants to convert all that information from the business card into their phone contact list? Nobody enjoys data entry work. It is the least favorite part of the business, but it’s a must. Save yourself some time and download one of amazing apps available that will let you snap a picture of a business card and then enters all their contact information straight into your phone. Add a few notes as to how you met and you’ll be able to reach out to that rep with a reminder of how you met.


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