Well, that was fun…. NOW Under Construction

I admittedly haven’t been on my site for a while and nothing is more shocking than to come back to see that someone else has commandeered your site for their own business. Now that I’ve deleted all their stuff, I’m starting over, a fresh start and I’m kind of excited for that. I’ll be updatingContinue reading “Well, that was fun…. NOW Under Construction”

It’s been a minute…. Coronavirus (Covid-19) update.

Well friends, it’s been a minute. I was neck deep in vendor event season and it all came to a grinding halt when the Coronavirus showed up in the US and swiftly made it’s way to the Midwest. I went through all the major emotions in about twenty four hours and then decided it wasContinue reading “It’s been a minute…. Coronavirus (Covid-19) update.”

That time an event went TOO well. Or, Thanks, Facebook.

That time an event went TOO well. Thanks, Facebook.  This has taken me two years to write and even now, I feel very emotional about it. I wasn’t sure I’d ever write anything about this event. It was the day I almost quit organizing events and the day that I realized I was meant toContinue reading “That time an event went TOO well. Or, Thanks, Facebook.”

9 Surefire ways to land in Facebook Jail

Facebook Inmate #28175783736 reporting for my 30 day sentence.  Yes, I have been to Facebook Jail. It is frustrating for every user who relies on Facebook for everything from running a business to daily kitten videos. One moment you are happily scrolling along, liking posts, commenting on others, and you go to share something andContinue reading “9 Surefire ways to land in Facebook Jail”

Verify your vendor event coordinator

It’s that time of year friends! The holidays are coming up and vendors, crafters and local businesses are all looking for ways to get their name out there. Vendor events are an amazing way to showcase your product and gain new customers, but there are a lot of organizers out there who are not onContinue reading “Verify your vendor event coordinator”

Money mindset, my why, success and being a good person. You can do it all.

I heard through the grapevine today that someone was saying that I was just in this business for the money. I know it was meant as a slight, but I didn’t take it that way. Most people would have gotten angry, but I didn’t because I am lucky enough to be able to say thatContinue reading “Money mindset, my why, success and being a good person. You can do it all.”