Don’t be that organizer

Y’all, getting vendors for events can be difficult sometimes, I totally get it.

There are many methods I recommend when it comes to getting vendors. For example:

  • Reach out to the corporate office for recommended reps in that area.
  • *Network, network, network…. make connections with other coordinators and vendors and ask for recommendations from them.
  • *Find quality artists, crafters and vendors in the area and extend an invitation for them to join your event.
  • *Post in Facebook groups.
  • *Connect with Chambers of Commerce in the area of the event.
  • *Do a sponsored FB post calling for vendors.
  • *Locate community calendars and add your info to them. Some are free, some are paid.
  • *Join the FB groups of the reps you want as vendors. Join their community. Get to know them. 
  • *Event websites.
  • *You also have Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Alignable and other platforms to make connections, as well as in person networking events.
  • *Get to know your vendors so that they recommend other vendors to your events. In this arena, I am very blessed. I have an amazing number of vendors who will advocate for me and my events. 

There are many other ways to get vendors, but there is one way I do not recommend, and this NOT going to make me popular by saying it.

Do not go to another event and hand out your cards, flyers and registration forms to get vendors for your show. It Is tacky and it is lazy. Feedback from the vendors is that they are distrustful of the person who does this and it makes them uncomfortable and potential lost sales because of it.

If you are going to do this, I recommend stepping up and introducing yourself to the organizer to get their blessing. At least they will know what you are up to, but if they say no, please honor their wishes, because no, not all coordinators find their vendors that way.

I realize this stance will make me unpopular in the organizing community, but for the love of Pete, please don’t be this organizer. Vendors talk. They share the good, bad and ugly. Let’s stay on the good.

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