It’s been a minute…. Coronavirus (Covid-19) update.

Well friends, it’s been a minute. I was neck deep in vendor event season and it all came to a grinding halt when the Coronavirus showed up in the US and swiftly made it’s way to the Midwest.

I went through all the major emotions in about twenty four hours and then decided it was better to be safe and cancel my last two events. Then I set down my laptop and walked away for a bit. I was still all over social media on my phone, of course, but I really needed a break, so I took it.

We are still quarantined until April 30th, possibly longer, so I decided to take a moment to write a blog post about all the things you can do during this time to maintain your business, your home and your sanity.

Mind Your Business

File your taxes. Now is the perfect time to get all of your receipts together and get them done.

If you have already done your taxes, start working on next year’s taxes. At least organize your first quarter.

Do some training for your business. I follow a lot of coaches, but Brenda Ster, Gary Vaynerchuck and Mel Robbins are currently my favorites. Read, listen, watch or do a class. It’s all beneficial.

Start a blog. Okay, this is easier said than done, but you’ve got the time, right?

Join a new platform to build your business. TikTok is the biggest thing right now. Build a following over there by providing value and having fun and funnel them to your sales channels. Yes, I have an account, but I haven’t posted anything yet. I’m going to take my own advice and start creating content. Come on over and follow me there – @snowangelinwi

Reach out to your customers and community. See how they are doing. Ask them how they are genuinely doing, no strings attached. Just take the time to reconnect with them. They will remember when things level out.

For Your Home

Where to start? There are about eleventy-million projects on my “When I have time to get around to it” list. Now’s the time to tackle those items. You don’t have to do them all….. just a few.

Organize your photos, books, movies, emails, your phone (clean up all your digital places).

Clean. Yeah, I know you’re probably washing every dish in your house right now, so take a moment to clean the dusties out of the dish cabinet while it’s in between dish washings. Get the baseboards, wipe down handles, and all the other things you want to do to stay healthy.

You can even start to spruce up your yard now that Spring has officially sprung in Wisconsin.

Now is also a great time to teach kids some new life skills while they are home with you. You might discover that they love helping. One can hope, right?

For You

I’ve seen this posted a few times and while a lot of people are taking the time to check items off of the checklist, you can also choose self care.

Pain your nails.

Have a glass of wine.

Connect with friends via Zoom, Facebook, email or even pick up your phone.

Binge on Netflix, Disney + or clean out your DVR and watch to your heart’s content.

One of the best things about this quarantine is the requirement to slow down and just enjoy the little things.

I personally have enjoyed the break, but I’m ready to get back to work, so I’ll see you around the internets as we get ready for the fall.

Take care!


2 thoughts on “It’s been a minute…. Coronavirus (Covid-19) update.

  1. Well put. This pandemic has a bright side. Makes us slow down. Find new recepies with items that we alreafy have. Organize, do inventory. Takea break. Relax.


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