9 Surefire ways to land in Facebook Jail

Facebook Inmate #28175783736 reporting for my 30 day sentence. 

Yes, I have been to Facebook Jail. It is frustrating for every user who relies on Facebook for everything from running a business to daily kitten videos. One moment you are happily scrolling along, liking posts, commenting on others, and you go to share something and ….. BLOCKED.

Yup.. you just landed in Facebook jail and probably have no idea why or how it happened. 

I have some insight as to why this happens, having been there myself and having watched others go through the same thing. If you want to avoid the of experience Facebook jail, do these things. 

  1. Spam Sandwiches – Spam stays in the can and out of the inbox, groups and walls. If you are posting the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over again (bet you thought I was going to keep going with that) it will surely land you in FB jail. Copy and paste is not your friend in this instance. FB knows what you are up to and changing a few words doesn’t trick them into thinking what you are doing isn’t spam. 
  2. Slow down, Speedracer – Copy and Paste will get you here too, if you aren’t jailed for handing out the offending spam sandwiches. If you are sharing the same post everywhere and doing it quickly, you will be locked down faster than you can say copy and paste. 
  3. Too many friends – Facebook wants you to make friends, but not too many friends or too quickly. If you are sending a lot of friend requests and not all of them are responding to your request, eventually Facebook thinks you are being spammy and will not allow you to send friend requests. You can monitor this by checking this link look under view sent requests –  https://www.facebook.com/friends/requests . If you see a number of requests that are not accepted, you can remove the requests. 
  4. Make your profile personal – I know a lot of folks are concerned about identity theft and such, but if you have a profile that doesn’t have any personal information and all you do is post ads, Facebook will flag it as such and potentially shut you down.
  5. Create original content – If everyone in your company is sharing the same company provided ad content, Facebook will eventually consider it spam and block you from posting it. All those little bots at FB central monitor all that stuff and while it’s not actually spam, they will start blocking views of the same thing posted over and over. This can be daunting, but it is SO worth it to stand out from your fellow representatives by posting original content that gets noticed (and probably borrowed by your fellow reps – so watermark it with your branding!).
  6. It’s not business, it’s personal – Your personal page is not for business posting. In the Terms of Service, it’s listed on FB’s page. It’s super easy to go live on your personal page and share with all of your friends, but you run the risk of getting shut down. The 80/20 rule is a good way to safely share your business information occasionally on your page without getting into trouble. Basically, 9 personal posts for ever 1 business post.
  7. Don’t tag 100 people on every post. Tagging is a great tool, but if you feel the need to tag your entire friends list every time you post something, it annoys your friends and they will untag themselves enough for FB to take notice.
  8. Annoying your friends and family – don’t be that marketer where you have a solution for everything with your company. You might… but you don’t have to bring it up in every comment of every post (no matter what your sponsor tells you).  If they don’t unfriend you or unfollow you, they may block you and that isn’t good at all. 
  9. General facebook glitchyness – there are weird times when something you post that is completely allowed will be blocked by facebook. It could be that Facebook is updating things and you get caught in the melee

The main point of all of this is to grow your business by building true relationships and not build quickly by annoying others. Slow and steady wins the race. We are so lucky to have this as a tool while marketing our businesses these days that we don’t want to abuse it. 


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