What happens when a vendor is a no show to an event.

This was actually a Facebook post in my group and then I realized it was worthy of it’s own blog post. If you are in the Wisconsin or Illinois area – come join my vendors group I wanted to post something today and it will sound rant-ish… but it’s been on my heart lately withContinue reading “What happens when a vendor is a no show to an event.”

Don’t be that organizer

Y’all, getting vendors for events can be difficult sometimes, I totally get it. There are many methods I recommend when it comes to getting vendors. For example: Reach out to the corporate office for recommended reps in that area. *Network, network, network…. make connections with other coordinators and vendors and ask for recommendations from them.Continue reading “Don’t be that organizer”

Enjoy the journey every step of the way

There are some people who appear to be naturals at network marketing. They make it look effortless. They amass a huge team in a few months, climb to the top of the leader boards, appear to get eight hours of sleep and look flawless in photos. And we sit back and wonder why the sameContinue reading “Enjoy the journey every step of the way”

5 Times it’s okay to use your cell phone during a vendor event

This is a bit of a controversial topic. Every organizer has likely told you to put your cell phone away during an event so as not to deter the shoppers from your booth. It’s just good event etiquette to keep the phone usage to a minimum, but there are times that your cell phone canContinue reading “5 Times it’s okay to use your cell phone during a vendor event”

The Ultimate Vendor Event Checklist

How many times have you gotten to an event and realize you’ve forgotten something? Sometimes, it’s something trivial, like scotch tape and sometimes, it’s your product! I’ve been there. Imagine being at an event, two hours away, and you have everything, but the thing you need most. I created the ultimate vendor event checklist soContinue reading “The Ultimate Vendor Event Checklist”

10 Places to Find Vendor Events Near You

There always comes a point in your business when you need to expand outside of your warm market. That can be difficult if you do not know many people in your area. Participating in a vendor event is a great way to build relationships with new customers in a non-pressure environment. This always comes backContinue reading “10 Places to Find Vendor Events Near You”


I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur. Once I fell into the world of direct sales, I was hooked. I knew it was the industry for me, but I knew that there was a way for me to impact the local direct sales industry by doing more than hosting parties. This is myContinue reading “MY STORY: HOW I GOT STARTED IN VENDOR EVENT PLANNING…”